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Right rear fender

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The orange one is the correct fender for the 1970 model. Bought it on ebay USA and had it sent to Germany. That is why it has got the tail light as used on the SS-350 (export) models with HD vin. When restoring, I will use a European style tail light, which looks modern and sleek compared to the US version.


My first picture of the GT-350. I took it at a resting area at the “Autobahn” on my way home from the seller, who lives close to “Lake Constance”, which is a 2 hour car ride away from me. Well, the bike wasn’t too expensive, but it is in a worse condition as it may seem at first sight.
It has got an Italian VIN and still the Italian license plate, which means this bike wasn’t for export which makes it a GT-350 and not a SS-350. Differences are minor to a US-model. Odometer showed 17128 kilometers and the bike was in an overall bad condition.


Street legal

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Well, on April 29th I got the official papers to make my bike street legal. It took me some time, money and work because I have no old papers or anything for my bike.

I started collecting necessary parts for the restoration. I think the bike was the first SS-175 built in 1977, because of the vin “4F60000H7”.

The Beginning

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Everything started with the frame of an Aermacchi Harley-Davidson SS-175, which I bought in 2001. They guy who owned the bike before, had used it as a lamp for his room. He changed the original 12V bulbs against household 220V bulbs, that’s why you can see the plugs in this picture. Odometer showed 3881 miles at this time.

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