Month: April 2016

GT350-Spring GT350-Spring2
I really have to take care of getting the bike street legal now. I rode 4 kilometers and there is still some trouble, but I will get it managed…

SX175-Seitendeckel SX175-Lochoeltank SX175-Gabel SX175-Auspuff SX175-Ausbruch2 SX175-Ausbruch1

  • Fork tubes rusty -> Needs replacement (Marzocchi type)
    • Replaced with NOS parts
  • Reflectors on front fork needs replacement (easy to get)
    • Replaced with NOS
  • No mirrors
    • Replaced with correct early style HD
  • A hole in the oil tank? Why?
    • Repaired -> welded
  • Studs for mounting the rear turn signals missing
    • Built new ones and welded them to the frame
  • Paint of the frame is not nice anymore
    • Completely powder coated
  • Pipe bend and two holes with screws in it! Why?
  • Two broken out parts on the left side of the crankcase.
  • Side cover is a hand made metal part. Not too bad done, but why? I have a NOS one in stock -> Going to replace
    • Replaced with a rare early 1974 side cover (vented version)
  • Paint job is not done bad, but it’s a 74 model and someone used 75 decals. Also there is a wrong hole in the rear fender for an aftermarket taillight.
  • Wrong ignition switch ( Three connectors)
    • Replaced with OEM 10 connectors switch
  • Wiring harness in bad condition
  • Wrong horn
    • Replaced with NOS horn
  • No spark
  • Seat was redone okay. Top is still original, sides are replaced by someone
    • Seat pan powder coated, New original seat cover professionaly done;
  • Missing turnsignals
    • Set of NOS CEV turnsignals
  • Wrong handlebar
    • Replaced with OEM & rechromed
  • Aftermarket headlamp
    • Replaced with NOS headlamp shell
    • New reflector & glass
    • OEM headlamp rings rechromed
  • Tires are junk
    • Rear tire replaced with a new Cheng Shin C-186
  • Rims need rechroming or replacing
    • New rear wheel rim
    • NOS rear wheel hub
    • New rear spokes (stainless)
    • New rear tire holders
    • new rear tube
  • Side stand missing; Someone fitted a center stand to the bike. It’s done…okay, but not great
    • replaced with NOS parts
  • Rear shocks (SEBAC) needs replacing or rechroming
    • Replaced with NOS!
  • Instruments are usable but not nice
    • Replaced speedometer with NOS parts
    • Replaced rubber mounts with NOS parts
  • kick start is from a 75 model – that’s okay to me
    • NOS 1974 kick start

SX175-trailer SX175-athome

  • New project
  • It’s an early 1974 SX-175 (someone repainted it in 75 design)
  • Work done:
    • frame sandblasted;
    • mainstand removed (not original), parts for kickstand bought and built back to Original condition
    • Hole in oiltank closed (welded)
    • Turn signal struts in rear rebuilt and welded to frame
    • Original turn signal bought
    • Frame powder coated
    • Handlebar replaced (wasn’t Original)
    • Side cover replaced (wasn’t Original)
    • airfilter housing, battery cage, brake pedal, kickstand, chain guard, skid guard, rear fork and Triple tree powder coated
    • fork tubes replaced with NOS ones, fork legs polished, all new seals, everything cleaned, whole front fork overhauled
    • New lamp housing, new lamp (H4)
    • Rear wheel hub replaced as it was damaged, brand new brake shoes, linigs and springs
    • New airfilter
    • All screw and nuts are replaced with stainless stell or overhauled old ones

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