May 162021

  • After rewiring the whole motorcycle I had a strange problem and only had a spark with the ignition switch beeing in the “off” position. As soon as I turned the ignition switch to “ignition” or “ignition & light” I had no spark anymore. After some try & error and asking Michael from the UK for help I learend there is a different between switches for 1974 models and switches for 1975 and later models. To be more specific, I was always aware there is two different versions of the switch: One version with the pattern: “park – off – ignition – ignition/light” and  one version with the pattern “off – ignition – ignition/light – park”. What I didn’t know: One version connects the pins 6-7 when “off”, while the other version disconnects the pins “6-7” when beeing in the off position. All other functions are the exact same between the switches. Thankfully Bram & Jenny from Luxembourg helped me out with the correct ignition switch! Thank you!
  • On the first picture you can see a 1973/74 version and a 1975 & later version of the ignition switches
  • On the second picture you can see my brand new wiring harness connected to the ignition switch.
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