Jan 092011

After more than 2 years in which I didn’t have the time to work on my bikes, I have decided that I will continue with the SS-350. Well, actually I still do not have a lot of time left as there is still a lot of more important work to do, but I am going to take the time!
I took the carb, disassembled it and cleaned it with the ultra sonic bath and some “DREMEL polishing” and the result is not too bad. The carb was very dirty all over but not damaged as far as I can tell. I have already ordered a few new screws and new gaskets which are still available.


  • Metering Pin: V10
  • Low Speed Jet: 45
  • Main Nozzle: 265T /(125)
  • Starting Jet: 70

carb-vhb30as-1.jpg carb-vhb30as-2.jpg carb-vhb30as-3.jpg carb-vhb30as-4.jpg carb-vhb30as-5.jpg carb-vhb30as-6.jpg carb-vhb30as-7.jpg carb-vhb30as-8.jpg

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