Redone rear wheel

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Here you can see the completly redone rear wheel. Really EVERYTHING was replaced with new or NOS parts: Hub, bearings, seals, chain adjusters, sproket, spokes, rim, tube, brakes, springs, tire holders and tire itself. The last pictures shows the current progress and me working on perfect reproduction gas tank decals for a 1974 model as originals are not available anymore and the reproductions available are no good. You can also see that I was able to get a very early vented right side cover for my project.

Turn signals

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GT350-turnsignals GT350-turnsignals-2 GT350-turnsignals-3 GT350-turnsignals-4

Required by law for this production year in Germany already. As in Italy turn signals were not required and the bike delivered without them I had to find a solution that does not insult the eyes and so I did use period correct italian CEV turn signals

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